The Padova-Trento Virgo group: Our Group

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1 Our Group


Photo of (most of) Virgo Padova group (2017) - from Left to Right :
Giacomo Ciani, Jean Pierre Zendri, Claudia Lazzaro, Livia Conti, Gabriele Vedovato, Marco Vardaro

Photo of (most of) the Padova-Trento group (2016) - from Left to Right :
Giovanni Prodi, Shubhanshu Tiwari, Marco Vardaro, Maria Concetta Tringali, Gabriele Vedovato
Claudia Lazzaro, Jean Pierre Zendri, Livia Conti, Luciano Modenese, Tommaso Comellato

Photo of some people of the Padova-Trento group (2016) - from Left to Right :
Livia Conti, Matteo Leonardi, Claudia Lazzaro, Gabriele Vedovato, Jean Pierre Zendri

Group members - A list of the group members, including the group leader, researchers, postdocs, students etc

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